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Resource links

Here is a list of resources external to our website that you may find useful. The sites linked from this page are created and maintained by other organizations, so we cannot guarantee the reliability of the sites or the accuracy of the content.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Information about the pediatric physician profession and parent information page.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Information about the nurse practitioner profession and parent information page.

Center for Disease Control

Immunization and travel information, as well as up to date information on new diseases.


Information regarding vaccines, available in various foreign lanugages.

National Network for Immunization Information (NNii)

Provides up-to-date information about vaccines and immunization.

Vaccinate Your Baby

Voices for Vaccines

Healthy Children

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Edication Center

Information for parents on a number of health related issues.

Parents of Kids with Infectious Disease (PKIDS)

Education about infectious diseases, methods for prevention and transmission, and the latest advances in medications.

Safe Kids of Mecklenburg County

Carseat and other safety related information


Discusses correct use of car seats. Also will locate sites to have your car seat installation inspected.

Support Works

Extensive list of local and regional support groups

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Parents can sign up for newsletter alerts for recalled products

General Pediatrics

Bean Sprout

Web MD